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Dermatologia e Estética

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Dermatologia e Estética

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Em parceria com o Grupo Oshide, o IVN Portugal apresenta-lhe:
Curso de Dermatologia e Estética pela MTC

This seminar is for all Registered Acupuncturists and final year students of Acupuncture who are permitted to needle patients. Beauty comes from within, but it can also be enhanced by many artificial and invasive methods from outside. However, lasting beauty can only be a manifestation of good health and a tranquil mind. Acupuncture can help both body and mind, and make it possible that, with a good diet, rest and exercise, this inner health and outer youthful appearance can be maintained long after the treatment ends.
The course aims to discuss the theory and practice of balancing energetic states of the body and mind, in order to treat problems of skin, the connective tissue that adhere the skin firmly to the muscle, muscle sagging and postural problems relating to ageing – and how to correct them. Needling practice, patientdemonstrations and techniques of face lifting, wrinkle smoothening, plum blossom needling are highlights of the course. The aim is that each participant should be able to start practicing these methods the day after the course.

Course Contents:
Yin, Yang, Blood and Qi of the skin, connective tissue, muscles and how we can influence the well being of these tissues. Acupuncture Points, special needle techniques and extra-ordinary therapies used in the treatment of dermatological problems

 General points
 Special points
 Special treatment techniques including bleeding technique
 Extra ordinary therapies – local needling, moxibustion, plum-blossom tapping, electrical needle stimulation

Discussing skin diseases with differential diagnosis and treatment:

 Severe dry skin
 Eczema - Wind-heat type and Damp-heat type
 Acne - Acne vulgaris, prickly heat type acne and acne rosacea
 Psoriasis – Damp-cold type and Damp-heat type
 Alopecia – areata or spot baldness, general loss of hair
 Excessive sweating – hot sweating, cold sweating, axillary sweating, sweating in hands or feet
 Pigmentation problems – vitiligo, hyperpigmentation, age spots

Cosmetic Acupuncture topics:

 Face lifting, sagging skin
 Wrinkle treatment
 Cellulite treatment
 Posture correction
 Local needling techniques and energy balancing methods, Gua Sha and plum bossom, Cupping techniques will be practiced.

Formadora: Drª. Radha Thambirajah
Graduada na Faculdade de Medicina de Xangai em 1970.
Estudou medicina e tornou-se especialista em acupuntura.
Estabeleceu, com sucesso, a sua prática ao voltar a Sri Lanka e fundou a Academia de Acupuntura Chinesa em 1980.
Em 1984, a Dra. Thambirajah mudou-se para a Inglaterra e abriu também a Academia de Acupuntura Chinesa de Berlim,
que já formou mais de 9000 estudantes em todo o mundo.
Com uma vasta experiência em ensino, a Drª. Thambirajah formou médicos e profissionais de saúde em todo o mundo.
Foi palestrante convidada em várias conferências na Alemanha, Suíça, Grécia, Polônia, Barcelona, Itália e São Paulo.
A Drª. Thambirajah é a autora de “Acupuntura Cosmética e Doenças Dermatológicas" (2ª ed.)
e “Energética em Acupuntura”, livros prestigiados na área da Medicina Energética.

Instituto VanNghi de Portugal


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